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1Analysis Summary - Brand Perception

brand perception A - Target Audience :

> Typical consumer definition (Define a first hypothesis that serves as a guide for design choices) :

> Woman.
25-45 years old.
Active - middle socio-professional group (employee).
City - apartment.

> Relationship with cats :
company animal.
She considers her cat as a child (mother, nurture, educate).
She feels responsible for his well-being.
Cat = reassuring presence + receptive to the attentions / loneliness.
Give and receive affection.
Ready to spend money. pleasure aspect in its purchases (pays attention to the recipes and to their tastes, with regard to their food).

> Cat
Found or given cat.
Problem = no activity.
Needs = to be stimulated, to act, to play, movement, human-animal interaction (play with it).
Olfactory world.

> Sector perceptions (seize the latent opportunities in the sector) :

French market No. 1 in Europe (10 million cats).
26% of French households have at least one cat.
Cat food market = 800 millions euros.
Little understanding of catnip in France = market to open.
No leading French brand / catnip (only Anglo-Saxon brands).

> The perception of competing brands (brand positioning so differentiating / visual mapping):
Mapping of the U.S. market Mapping of the U.S. market (mature) - Positioning France in comparison with US

B - Megatrend :

> Tune the brand perception on the underlying trends

Leisure break time, pleasure : exchange with the cat who gives affection.
Relax : laughing, euphoria.
Want to experience what's unusual, crazy, unexpected result like the mentos + coca experience on youtube.

Two general trends / cat: medical, recreational.

C - Company potential :

> Assess the ability of the company to support the positioning, as well in terms of technology as in cultural terms

Knowledge of the U.S. market (leader) / catnip.
Textile Supplier: Asian sourcing.

D - Brand Perception :

«Monsieur Chat is a recreational2 product line that offers to the cats mistresses the pleasure3 to give3 them a dose of madness1

E - Breaking down the brand perception following its basic elements :

> In order to provide a guide for the construction of the brand perception , the Perceptioning breaks down the brand perception into three basic elements.
three basic elements
F - Variation of the brand perception in the brand expressions :

Functional characteristics of the product / service :

> To induce the most adequate perception by the characteristics of the product / service, we use as a guide the three basic elements of the brand perception.
characteristics of the product
The design characteristics :
design characteristics


The first part of research is carried out using sketches, to scan quickly a large number of style.
first research first research

33 tracks selection + 4Deepening

After a first numerical formalization that allows refocusing research, we choose some tracks to deepen.

5Final track selection

The logo needs to be declined on each product range, I develop the final track on the three entities: Monsieur Chat, Chat Va Bien, Happy Tapis.
final track

6Colors and styles deepening

Then we select the font, the elements of details on the cat's face such as texture, eyes, expressions, ...
styles deepening The last research focuses on the range of colors corresponding to the Monsieur Chat universe.
colors deepening

7Finalized logos

The company logo in its color version.
Monsieur Chat color logo The Chat Va Bien logo as used on the packaging.
Chat Va Bien logo The Happy Tapis logo as used on the packaging.
Happy Tapis logo

8Graphics applications

The cardboard support from the catnip bag introduces this product and explains the principle.
Chat Va Bien packaging The cardboard support from the happy tapis presents the product in retail stores and explains the use principle.
Happy Tapis packaging Version of the company logo on paper media such as the letterhead, the business card and the cd.
Monsieur Chat paper media Developing a flyer aimed at veterinarians, pet stores, fairs trade.
Monsieur Chat flyer Graphics proposals with Monsieur Chat for Happy Tapis.
Happy Tapis visual Happy Tapis visual

Monsieur Chat logo Go

Monsieur Chat

Monsieur Chat is a young company created by Pamela Huet, an American woman, living in France. It markets products based on catnip, a natural exhilarating plant that attracts cats and makes them tonic and playful. Pamela asked me to create the visual identity of her company and its products for felines.


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