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1Analysis Summary - Brand Perception

brand perception A - Target Audience :

> Typical consumer definition (Define a first hypothesis that serves as a guide for design choices) :

Industrial, large group, blue-chip brands, worldwide.
Sectors: consumer goods, food / retail.
Actors: marketing management, sales management, product manager, sales force, training.

B - Megatrend :

> Tune the brand perception on the underlying trends

Global / local, worldwide, globalization process, multi-brand, brand management, transversal experience, brand uniqueness, harmonization, identification, unique values.

C - Company potential :

> Assess the ability of the company to support the positioning, as well in terms of technology as in cultural terms

Internal benchmark, process (qualitative quantitative collection, data processing, presentation), measure marketing/sales synergies, performance, alignment, measure the efficiency / subsidiaries / functions, network emulation tool, identify (criteria, factors, ratios), identification of best practices, variances explanation, organization scenario, calibration, standardization, follow.

D - Brand Perception :

«CO EXPERTISE is a marketing consulting firm that offers to a large industrial customers a simple tool to benchmark their internal issues (requirements) related to strategic business functions in local, process-oriented on performance and overall alignment of their international blue-chip brands»

E - Breaking down the brand perception following its basic elements :

> In order to provide a guide for the construction of the brand perception , the Perceptioning breaks down the brand perception into three basic elements.
three basic elements
F - Variation of the brand perception in the brand expressions :

Functional characteristics of the product / service :

> To induce the most adequate perception by the characteristics of the product / service, we use as a guide the three basic elements of the brand perception.
functional characteristics
The design characteristics :
design characteristics


The first part of research is carried out using sketches, to scan quickly a large number of style.

3tracks selection + 4Deepening

After a first numerical formalization that allows refocusing research, we choose some tracks to deepen.
Research Research

5Final track selection

From the latest research synthesis I build the logo final track.
Final track

6Colors and styles deepening

Then the job consists to perform a various simulation range of colors and materials.
Colors and styles deepening

7Finalized logos

The company logo in its color version.
Coexpertise color version logo

8Graphics applications

Version of the company logo on paper media such as the business card, ...
business card Digital and physical reporting documents.
reporting documents reporting documents

Coexpertise logo Go


CoExpertise is a consulting firm founded by Thierry Garcette which has developed a new benchmarking tool for sales force.
It allows to FMCG organizations to compare their field organization on key trade levers, both in terms of activation potential and time priority.
Force Audit is made for blue-chip food brands in France: Barilla, Nestle, Unilever, L'Oreal, Kraft Foods, Coca Cola, McCain, P&G, Kronenbourg, Mars, GSK ...
I was in charge to create the company visual identity.


Brand Design

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